Smart Cities – The Opportunities, Threats, and Barriers to Entry

The Sentient City

The advent of Smart Cities presents humanity with a number of different opportunities and threats. Each of these must be thoroughly considered before enthusiastically jumping aboard the bandwagon.

In the table below I have compiled a list of the major opportunities and threats that we must evaluate, as well as some of the key barriers that must be overcome before a city can be made ‘smart’:

Opportunities Threats Barriers
New research areas Security Resistance to change
Increased efficiency of city systems Privacy Cost of implementation
Sustainability Data overload Inter-municipal compatibility
Automation of routine tasks System malfunctions Government bureaucracy
Prediction models Technocratic governance Technological compatibility
Real-time city analytics  Corporatisation of cities Future-proof technology
New jobs
Improved effectiveness of city systems
Enhanced urban interactivity
Increased government accountability
Economic growth
Minimised power gap

My plan is to explore each of these points in future blog posts in order to provide a well-rounded and fully researched insight into each of…

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