Our cities don’t need more cyclists, they need more wheeled pedestrians.

I love this post! I think all people who rely on alternative transportation need to be given more of a voice and representation when using the same road as motorists.

Wheeled Pedestrian Cycling

via Amsterdamize I don’t see cyclists, I see wheeled pedestrians. Image via Amsterdamize

My work colleagues will occasionally regale me with their encounters with cyclists. These unsolicited monologues all tend to have a ‘please explain’ overtone. I guess I’m viewed as a suitable target because I am one of ‘them’. It’s easy for motorists to lump us all together and believe we all exhibit the same bad behaviours. It’s easy to do because cycling is such a rare commodity in this city. Similarly, members of the public will regularly ‘advise’ me to wear a helmet when they see me riding slowly through the park on my bicycle. But are these the same people who are content to overlook a motorist that is using a cell phone while driving? It’s an important distinction because one of those activities has the potential to do some serious harm.

The responses that my colleagues tend to…

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